Invest in Copper and Copper Mining Funds


Why invest in copper?

Key takeaways:

  • provides exposure to the green transition
  • crucial in the production of green tech products
  • demand is expected to rise in the coming years.

Investing in copper is an excellent way to gain exposure to a metal with significant industrial use, crucial to the transition to a greener world. Diversified exposure to copper can be achieved through a copper mining investment, purchasing copper funds focusing on companies involved in copper mining.

About copper

Investing in copper

Copper (Cu on the periodic table) is the second-best conductor of electricity (after silver). As copper is cheaper than silver, it is primarily used when larger volumes are required. By investing in copper, you get exposure to a metal that contributes to the green transition.

By monitoring the price of copper, it is said you are able to predict the overall health of the world economy, hence the term "Doctor Copper" was coined. Generally, rising copper prices indicate strong demand for copper and, therefore, a growing global economy.

The demand for copper is expected to increase in the coming years, a major reason being the electrification of our society. As copper is used in cables, electric motors, batteries, electric cars, and wind turbines, among others, an increased demand for these products will affect the price of the metal.

Copper also plays a crucial role in human space exploration. Due to its excellent ability to conduct electricity and heat, copper is the third most used metal in rockets. For instance, the inside of rocket engines is protected by a layer of copper – the temperature in the engine can reach close to 3,000 degrees.

Copper Price

Copper Price Per Pound (lb) In Swedish Krona (SEK)

The chart below shows the price of one pound (lb) of copper in swedish krona (SEK). A pound is 453.592 grams.

The chart is provided by Tradingview.

How to invest

Why invest in copper with AuAg Funds?

AuAg Precious Green

Through AuAg Precious Green, the investor gains access to a commodity fund that aims to invest in mining companies extracting metals essential for the green transition, combining this with investments in green tech companies. AuAg Precious Green invests in copper through shares in mining companies, coupled with green tech sector companies and precious metals, focusing on gold.

AuAg Essential Metals

Through AuAg Essential Metals, the investor gets exposure to a commodity fund focused on metals needed in a high-tech and green future. The fund provides exposure to a wide metal portfolio, both industrial and new tech metals, and consists of 25 equal-weight holdings.


Benefits of investing in copper

There are several benefits to investing in copper, whether it be copper funds or stocks. Making an investment in copper:

  • provides exposure to a commodity, which brings diversification to your portfolio
  • offers an opportunity to profit from the transition to a greener world, where the demand for copper is expected to increase as we move towards a more electrified society
  • creates a chance to improve conditions for both fellow humans and future generations.



Is it worth investing in copper?

Like any other commodity, copper can be a valuable component of a diversified investment portfolio. It has several attributes that make it attractive to investors. Copper is a key material in various industries including construction, electronics, and transportation. Demand for copper tends to increase as economies grow and infrastructure needs expand, especially with the growing emphasis on green technologies that require significant amounts of copper, such as electric vehicles and renewable energy systems.

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