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Copper Price per Kilogram (kg) in Swedish Krona (SEK)

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About the copper price

Factors Influencing the Copper Price

Understanding the multiple factors that impact the price of copper is essential for those considering investing in this vital industrial metal or tracking its price for various economic purposes:

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: A foundational economic principle, the balance between supply and demand, is pivotal in determining the copper price. Demand for copper primarily stems from sectors like construction, electronics, power generation, and transportation. On the other hand, supply originates from copper mining activities and the recycling of used copper products.
  • Mining Disruptions: Events such as labor strikes, mining accidents, or geopolitical issues in key copper-producing countries can affect the supply of copper, pushing prices upwards.
  • Global Economic Health: As copper is widely used in various sectors, its demand often mirrors the global economic health. A booming global economy generally means increased copper usage, pushing the copper price up.
  • Government and political initiatives: Regulatory changes or infrastructure initiatives in major economies can affect the copper market price, especially when copper usage is anticipated in significant quantities for projects like electrical grids or housing developments.
  • Green Energy Transition: With the global push towards cleaner energy solutions, the demand for copper in green technologies, such as electric vehicles and renewable energy installations, can influence the copper price real time.
“Doctor Copper”

“Doctor Copper” – Predicts the health of the global economy

The price of copper is often regarded as a thermometer for the global economy, earning its nickname: "Doctor Copper." This is because copper's widespread use in various sectors, from construction and infrastructure to electronics and transportation, makes its demand highly sensitive to economic cycles.

A rising copper price typically signals robust industrial activity and a booming economy, as builders and manufacturers consume more for development and production. Conversely, a decline in the price of copper can hint at a slowing economy, with reduced demand suggesting industries are bracing for tougher times. This close correlation with economic health allows the price trends of copper to serve as an early indicator of global economic trends.

Why AuAg?

Why Invest in Copper with AuAg Funds?

Metals like copper are foundational to various sectors of the modern economy. Investing in copper provides investors exposure to one of our time’s most important trends: the green transition. AuAg Funds champions this transformative journey by endorsing sustainable mining practices. We invest in forward-thinking companies and uplift pioneers in the domain.

The mining sector remains a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, metals, especially copper, are quintessential for products like electric vehicle batteries, advanced electronics, and green energy infrastructures. Realizing a sustainable future is interlinked with metals like copper, lithium, silver, and other crucial metals. AuAg Funds hence invests in and works with mining companies, supporting them to allow for more sustainable methods in metal extraction.

Investment Opportunities

Explore our Copper Funds

AuAg Funds provides investors with a suite of funds designed to give exposure towards copper and other metals that are important for our world. Our portfolio includes investments in copper mining companies, offering an excellent addition to a traditional asset portfolio.

AuAg Essential Metals

AuAg Essential Metals provides investors exposure to a commodity fund focused on metals needed in a high-tech and green future, including copper, lithium, aluminium, steel, cobalt, and more. The fund provides exposure to a broad metal portfolio, investing in mining companies focusing on industrial and new tech metals, and consists of 25 equal-weight holdings.


FAQ – Copper Price

How is copper usually priced?

Copper is usually priced in USD per pound or USD per ounce. But this will vary depending on where you are. The copper price in Europe is usually priced as euro per kg, while in Sweden the copper price is usually shown as SEK per gram or kg.

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