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"It's electrifying!"

A modern remake of the classic 60/40 portfolio. By replacing the classic portfolio's broad exposure to stocks with investments in green-tech companies, investors get exposure to the green transformation megatrend. The remaining 40 per cent are allocated towards precious metals (mainly gold) for robust portfolio protection.

Disruptive all-weather portfolio Disruptive all-weather portfolio
Four green-tech equity strategiesFour green-tech equity strategies
Allocation with physically backed precious metalsAllocation with physically backed precious metals

The fund's green-tech strategy is diversified into four sub-strategies, providing investors with a broad exposure to the green transition theme. The fund consists of both companies that create green tech products (such as batteries and solar cells) and the companies that extract the metals needed for the green transition (copper, lithium, and rare earth metals).

The allocation towards precious metals is backed by real physical gold and is achieved through ETCs.

We believe that green-tech stocks will outperform global equity markets and that gold will outperform bonds in the coming decades.

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Video Presentation

The portfolio manager talks about the fund

A short video where Eric Strand (PM) talks about the idea behind AuAg Precious Green - It's Electrifying.

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More about AuAg Precious Green

The fund is a mixed fund and invests a total of at least 90 per cent in its two asset classes, companies with an emphasis on green technology and exposure to precious metals with an emphasis on gold. The fund invests at least 50 per cent in the stock market to achieve exposure to companies needed for a world based on green technology where the fund’s strategy is divided into four sub-strategies: production of environmentally friendly energy; reduced energy consumption reduced emissions and recycling; energy storage; and extraction of elements needed in green technology.

The fund also invests at least 30 per cent in transferable securities, where value development is considered by the managers to be affected by the market development for gold but also other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. Detailed information about the fund is available in the fund sheet.

Eric Strand
Portfolio Manager
Stefan Abrahamsson
Co-porfolio Manager
Fund Sheet - Class A (SEK)
Information about the holdings in the fund, history, metrics, risk class, etc.
Fund Sheet - Class B (EUR)
Information about the holdings in the fund, history, metrics, risk class, etc.
Hållbarhet (Swedish)
Fonden främjar bland annat miljörelaterade eller sociala egenskaper (artikel 8)
Sustainability (English)
Our funds promote environmental and social characteristics (Article 8).
Informationsborschyr (Swedish)
Mer information om fonden.
Prospectus (English)
More information about the fund.
KIID Andelsklass A (Swedish)
Basfakta för investerare.
KIID Share Class A (English)
Key investor information.
KIID Andelsklass B (Swedish)
Basfakta för investerare.
KIID Share Class B (English)
Key investor information.
KIID Share Class B (Danish)
Key investor information.
KIID Share Class B (Norwegian)
Key investor information.
KIID Share Class B (Finnish)
Key investor information.
KIID Andelsklass C (Swedish)
Basfakta för investerare.
KIID Andelsklass D (Swedish)
Basfakta för investerare.
Fondbestämmelser (Swedish)
Fund Rules (English)
Chart & Holdings
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