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Price - SEK/oz

Silver Price per Troy-Ounce (oz) in Swedish Krona (SEK)

The chart below shows the price of one troy ounce of silver in Swedish Krona (SEK). One troy ounce is 31.1035 grams.

Why Invest in Silver?

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How to Invest in Silver

Understanding silver prices

Factors Influencing the Silver Price Today

The fluctuations in the price of silver result from many factors, most of them mirroring the gold market. Comprehending these elements is crucial for investors interested in the silver market or for those tracking the silver price live:

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: Silver's demand stems from industrial uses, jewellery, photographic sectors, and investment interests, whereas the supply is a mix of mining output and recycling of silver products.
  • Industrial Utility: Silver has significant industrial utility, particularly in areas like electronics and solar energy, making its price sensitive to changes in industrial demand.
  • Economic Indicators: Silver can also be an inflation hedge, although it's more volatile than gold. During periods of high inflation, the price of silver may increase as currencies lose value against precious metals.
  • Investor Behavior: The silver market is smaller than the gold market, which means that the price of silver is subject to more significant fluctuations (higher volatility)
  • Interest Rates and Currency Strength: Interest rates indirectly influence silver prices; low interest rates make holding non-yielding assets like silver less attractive. Similarly, the dollar's strength can affect the price of silver, as silver is often inversely correlated with the currency's value.
  • Economic Trends: In a thriving economy, the demand for silver in industrial applications can raise the price of silver, while economic downturns may see increased investment demand for silver as a safe haven, similar to gold.
The impact of exchange rates

How Currencies Influence the Silver Price

The intrinsic value of silver, much like gold, sets it apart from fiat currencies, which can fluctuate in value over time. While currencies like the USD may experience depreciation with time (see the example for gold in the image below), the price of silver often exhibits stability or growth over the long term.

When considering silver as an investment, the choice of currency – whether it's USD, euros, or any other – doesn't change the underlying value of the silver. The actual value is always reflected when prices are normalized to a universal standard. For investors that, for example, live in Europe and have the euro as their base currency, the currency effects will not impact the investment result when investing in silver (or any other asset). Check out our calculation example for gold for a deeper understanding of how it works.

An often overlooked but important aspect of silver investments is the role of exchange rates. Investors in silver should consider current exchange rates to assess their investment's performance accurately. Many modern trading platforms overlook the dynamics of exchange rates and instead use a uniform daily exchange rate for purchases and daily valuations. This can create misleading representations of returns. In extreme cases, this may mean that investors see a decreased value in their investment due to currency exchange fluctuations, even if the price of silver has increased.

Why AuAg Funds?

Why Invest in Silver with AuAg Funds?

AuAg Funds focuses on two key global trends impacting the precious metals market. The first trend is monetary inflation, where an increase in governments' and central banks' debt underscores the value of assets like gold and silver. These metals serve as a hedge against the depreciation of fiat currencies. The second trend is a drive towards a greener world. AuAg Funds significantly emphasises this area by advocating for and investing in companies leading the way in sustainable mining practices while consciously excluding those not striving for improvement.

Mining activities are known for their environmental footprint, particularly concerning greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, metals remain essential for producing sustainable technologies such as batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper and many more metals are integral to achieving a greener future. In recognition, AuAg Funds engages with mining companies to promote and accelerate their move to more sustainable operations.

Our funds

Discover Our Funds Investing in Silver

AuAg Funds provides investors with a suite of funds designed to capture the essence of silver and its role in our monetary system and in the green transition. Our funds focus on investments in mining companies, offering an excellent addition to a traditional asset portfolio due to their low long-term correlation with stocks and bonds.

AuAg Silver Bullet

Focuses on silver mining companies, considering the advantages of silver: its monetary stability and its central role in the advancement of green technology. Silver is the main focus, but mining often yields other valuable metals, such as copper, zinc, and gold.


FAQ – Silver Price

How is silver usually priced?

Silver is usually priced in USD/oz. But this will vary depending on where you are. The silver price in Europe is generally priced as euro per kg or gram, while in Sweden, the silver is usually priced in SEK/g.

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