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Gold Price per gram (g) in Swedish Krona (SEK)

Why Invest in Gold?

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How to Invest in Gold

Investing in gold requires a well-thought-out approach. Before you decide to invest in gold, there are a few important aspect we recommend you consider to understand what option is best for you:

About the gold price

Factors Influencing the Gold Price

The price of gold is a complex interplay of several factors, some of which are unique to the gold market. Understanding these factors is paramount for anyone looking to invest in gold or monitor its price for other financial endeavors:

  • Supply and Demand Dynamics: The basic economic principle of supply and demand is a significant driver of gold price. Demand for gold comes from various sources including jewelry, technology, central banks/governments and from other investors, while supply is derived from mining and the recycling of gold products.
  • Geopolitical Tensions: Gold is often viewed as a 'safe haven' asset during times of geopolitical strife. When tensions rise globally, investors flock to gold, driving up its price.
  • Inflation and Deflation: Gold has historically been seen as an inflation hedge. In times of inflation, when the value of fiat currencies depreciate, the price of gold tends to rise (or rather, gold has the same value, but the fiat currencies depreciate against gold).
  • Central Bank Gold Holdings: Central banks may buy and hold vast reserves of gold which can significantly impact the gold price. When central banks decide to increase or decrease their gold holdings, it can send ripples through the global gold market.
  • Interest Rates: Central banks control the expectations of the economy, often making forecasts to steer it in the right direction, at times not actually acting upon it (hedgehog interest rate). The rule of thumb is to not do what the central bank says, but rather do what they do.
  • Economic Stability: Economic downturns often lead to higher gold prices as investors seek safe-haven assets, while economic booms might see a drop in gold price as investors turn to other assets like stocks.
Currencies and gold

How Currencies Relate to the Gold Price

Unlike fiat currencies, gold boasts an intrinsic value derived from its unique properties. This distinction is crucial; while fiat currencies, like the USD, have seen their value wane over time, gold has maintained its stature.

When engaging with gold as an investment, the specific currency employed doesn't alter the end result. Whether an investor chooses to transact in USD, SEK, or any other currency, the final value, when converted back to a common benchmark, remains consistent – calculation example.

However, a pivotal element that often goes overlooked is the role of exchange rates. An investor must account for these rates both at the time of purchase and sale to get a genuine sense of their investment's performance. Unfortunately, many modern depository platforms fall short in this area, using daily exchange rates indiscriminately for both buying and daily valuation. This can lead to misleading representations of investment growth, sometimes showing an inaccurate decrease when, in reality, there has been substantial growth.

Why AuAg?

Why Invest in Gold with AuAg Funds?

Precious metals like gold play a pivotal role in any portfolio. The metal gives an investor exposure towards two global trends. The first one is monetary inflation, where governments and central banks create more debt in the financial system. The second one is the transition towards a greener world. AuAg Funds actively fosters change towards more sustainable mining practices – investing in leading enterprises, supporting early adopters, while sidelining those slow to adapt.

The mining industry is a substantial contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. However, metals are indispensable for manufacturing goods like batteries, solar panels, and wind turbines. A greener future is unattainable without metals including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper. Therefore, AuAg Funds collaborates with mining companies to encourage and expedite the shift towards more sustainable extraction of these crucial metals.

Investment Solutions

Explore our Funds Investing in Gold

AuAg Funds offers funds that focus on providing exposure to gold and green technology. We invest in gold mining companies and the funds fit well into a portfolio of traditional assets as they have low correlation with shares and bonds.

AuAg Silver Bullet

AuAg Silver Bullet invests in companies that mine silver – a metal that is in high demand due to its monetary properties as well as the properties that make it indispensable in our transition to a greener world. While the primary focus is silver, it's common for mining companies to unearth other metals in the process. Thus, the fund dedicates 60% of its resources to silver, with the remaining 40% spread across other metals like copper, zinc, and gold.


FAQ – Gold Price

How is gold usually priced?

Gold is usually priced in USD/oz. But this will vary depending on where you are. The gold price in Europe is usually priced as euro/kg, while in Sweden the gold is usually priced in SEK/g.

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