Portfolio Update

AuAg Precious Green

Presented below are portfolio updates that took place in addition to ongoing trading on daily in/outflows in the fund.

Portfolio updates include additions/deletions of holdings or changes of target weight.

Published: 2023-04-19

The following portfolio changes have been made in AuAg Precious Green.

Allkems' new target weight is 0% (3%)

  • Removed

Freeport-McMoRans' new target weight is 3% (0%)

  • Included

Thereby the lithium exposure in the portfolio was decreased to 6%, and the copper exposure was increased to 9%.

[All holdings in the fund are presented here.]

Published: 2023-01-16

During the month of January, a minor change will be implemented regarding the fund's equity strategy in order to have an equal weighting between its four sub-strategies: production of environmentally friendly energy; reduced energy consumption, reduced emissions, and recycling; energy storage; and extraction of elements needed in green technology.

This means, at holdings level, that Lynas Rare Earths (Extraction of elements needed in green technology) will be phased out, and EnerSys (Energy Storage/Green Power) will be phased in during the month. As before, all 20 companies in the four sub-strategies will continue to have a 3% target weight.

All holdings in the fund are presented here.

Lynas Rare Earth is still included as a portfolio holding in AuAg Essential Metals.

Portfolio updates from fund launch to January 2023 is not published in this format.

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