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We believe in a bright future

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Our Purpose

Let’s set the record straight

We know precious metals and green-tech elements are essential in the transformation to a sustainable world.

In our current unsustainable financial system, we are also certain gold- and silver investments are the winners.

The Case
The Case

We believe in a bright future

We want to create a future where we have a sound sustainable world and a sound financial system. This future is enabled by the unique properties of the elements. The elements from our world, for our world.

The two megatrends "green transformation" and "monetary inflation" will have a huge impact on the world in the coming decades.

Our funds are investing in these megatrends. They are also promoting change and being a part of the solution towards a more sustainable world.

Our Team

Not the ordinary fund team

The team behind the funds are Christopher, Eric and Stefan. In addition to having decades of experience in the financial sector, we also have unique skill sets from such different areas as engineering, mathematics, fintech. We also find a diametrical force in our passion for yoga. Tough physical yoga - a meditation in motion.


Modern structure to move fast

Our organisation is designed to innovate fast and be on top of the ever-changing world around us.

An entire ecosystem of partners enables us to focus on our core strengths. The structure secures that the everyday fund administration routines go hand in hand with our innovative and fast-moving nature.

From our fund companies, AIFM and HANetf, more than 40 people are involved in fund operations.

Legal Information

Fund Company

The fund company for the funds: "AuAg Silver Bullet", "AuAg Precious Green" and "AuAg Essential Metals" is AIFM Capital AB, a subsidiary of AIFM Group AB. The funds are managed through an assignment agreement with FoF AuAg Asset Management AB. The fund managers are Eric Strand (lead manager) and Christopher Svensson. The custodian for the funds is SEB.

For the AuAg ESG Gold Mining UCITS ETF, the fund company is HANetf. The custodian for the fund is JPMorgan and the primary market maker is the Royal Bank of Canada. The portfolio manager is Vident Investment Advisory. The index provider is Solactive, and the ESG data provider is Sustainalytics.

Management Company

FoF AuAg Asset Management AB is a securities company licensed to conduct discretionary asset management. The company has been under the supervision of Finansinspektionen (Swedish FSA) since 2007.


AuAg Funds has an internal sustainability process and has Sustainalytics as an external and independent partner in the funds' impact work to promote sustainability (ESG). Christopher Svensson is responsible for AuAg’s Sustainability Process. Read more about our Sustainability work here.

Concept & Brand

The investment solutions described on this website are all created under the brand AuAg Funds™/AuAg Fonder™. AuAg Funds creates investor-friendly investment solutions with a strong focus on precious metals and green tech elements.


AuAg Funds respect your privacy and handle your personal information with care. Read more about this in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

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