Typography 2022

Font sizes used on the page from launch 2022.
Old sizes

Typography 2023

Reduced number of font sizes for us to use in our design system.
New sizes
Display large96pxDisplay medium 72pxDisplay small 64pxHeadline large 46pxHeadline medium 36pxHeadline small 32pxTitle large 28pxTitle medium 24pxTitle small 20px
Body large18pxBody medium 16pxBody small 14px
Sizes we use from the design system in the pages theme.
Used sizes
DisplayLDisplay SHeadline LHeadline MTitle LTitle M
Body LBody MBody S
Font styles that uses the themes font sizes for different viewports to reflect the design.
Theme styles
Heading 1Heading 2Heading 3Heading 4Heading 5Label & Button (Large)Label & Button (Small)Preamble textParagraph textInformation text
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