Portfolio Update

AuAg Silver Bullet

Presented below are portfolio updates that took place in addition to ongoing trading on daily in/outflows in the fund.

Portfolio updates include additions/deletions of holdings or changes of target weight.

Published: 2023-03-01

The following portfolio updates have been implemented for AuAg Silver Bullet.

Discovery Silvers' new target weight is 2% (1%).

  • Good silver exposure
  • Better liquidity in the stock. Now on TSX instead of TSX.V

Hudbay Minerals' new target weight is 3% (2%)

  • Good exposure towards both silver and copper
  • Increased TW before Pan Americans acquisition of Yamana

Yamana Golds' new target weight is 2% (4%)

  • Gradual reduction to prepare for the acquisition by Pan American (8%)

All holdings in the fund are presented here.

Portfolio updates from fund launch to January 2023 is not published in this format.

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